Sunday 13 December 2020


Labour's Kate Green has told the BBC's Nick Robinson that the use of the word 'empire' in the British honours system is 'offensive'.  The shadow education secretary was led into her remarks as Robinson referred to the 'annual controversy' over such titles.  What annual controversy Nick?  In your mind, perhaps.  Green probably didn't need the prompting anyway as she immediately launched into an all-out attack on a single word: "It's really the wrong language.  It's divisive, it's offensive, it's hurtful to people...  you can't excuse or justify that branding".

In 2005 Green, a banker at that time, was awarded an OBE.  Let that sink in.  She later said that she only accepted the award as it pleased her father.  Green is the second Labour frontbencher to lay into the word 'empire' this year after Lisa Nandy announced during the leadership contest that she would replace it with the word 'excellence'.

During the podcast she also threw in her belief that the entire school curriculum should be 'decolonised' and expressed her support for the Black Curriculum campaign.  Green talks about 'division' in one breath and then lends support for heavily divisive racial identity politics the next.  The introduction of critical race theory into schools appears to be on Labour's agenda, something that will put race relations back decades.  This is more in line with the Marxist doctrine of BLM than the supposedly moderate patriotic 'new leadership' of Starmer.  Insidious.