Thursday 24 December 2020


As we predicted last month, the miraculous disappearance of flu appears to be in full swing.  Various media outlets across the West are reporting that flu is in free fall, while at the same time reporting that Covid-19 is surging.  Some even have the audacity to suggest that mask wearing and social distancing are responsible for the dramatic decline in flu cases, while apparently failing to give people enough credit that they may well ask why then are masks and social distancing not stopping Covid.  After-all, isn't that why we are being told to do those things in the first place?

Another explanation for the vanishing of the flu is that there is a big uptake in people taking the flu vaccine.  Nonsense.  Most people, especially older people who have been scared out of their wits by broadcast media, are not venturing anywhere near medical facilities.  That's where the virus and certain death awaits, apparently.

Of course the real reason for the disappearance of the flu is so that its thousands of annual deaths can instead be attributed to coronavirus.  In boosting Covid deaths governments can, for whatever reason, ramp up the fear and justify ever more draconian measures to clamp down on civil liberties - beginning with the utter humiliation of cancelling Christmas.

While many Western countries took a harder line than the UK, what was done here was in many ways far more cruel.  Our governments announced a 'dispensation' from lockdown measures that would enable families to gather over the festive period, then took it away with just a few days notice.  While many families will undoubtedly ignore that vile diktat, countless others will obey the new order and in doing so extend the misery for desperate loved ones who were craving the social contact that Christmas would have offered.

Meanwhile, yesterday's government update on coronavirus revealed a huge upward curve on testing (see below).  A record 453,903 tests were carried out, apparently.  It's not clear why the dramatic daily increase, but it is probably in part to compensate for a lack of testing over Christmas.  Testing will undoubtedly be ramped up over the next few months in order to find more cases and to justify the continued lockdown of our society.  Rishi Sunak has just extended the furlough scheme (again) until the end of April, that should tell you everything you need to know about your chances of freedom in spring 2021.