Monday 7 December 2020


Following months of media-driven whining from Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford, we have now been afforded the political insight of one of his predecessors.  Retired defender Gary Neville spoke to Sky's Sophy Ridge on Sunday and lashed out at the UK government's coronavirus tier system.  Neville is a native of tier 3 Greater Manchester.  However, his criticism was not limited to the government and he slammed Labour's decision to abstain when the Commons voted on the measures.  "You've got to take a position and be bold and go against it, you cannot abstain", explained Gary, adding: "When you're elected, when you're in that seat in Westminster - you take a position".

Watch below.

The lockdown tiers vote may not be the last time Labour abstain this year.  Starmer, reportedly keen on backing a Brexit deal, is facing a frontbench revolt and major backbench rebellion if he whips MPs into doing so.  You wouldn't bet against him bowing down and sitting on the fence again for that vote - assuming that a deal is struck in the first place.