Thursday 10 December 2020


Labour's Paul Embery continued to promote his excellent new book on Thursday with an appearance on BBC's Politics Live.  After batting away host Jo Coburn's repeated attempts to label Millwall fans 'racist', the author went to town on his snooty colleague Lloyd Russell-Moyle.  The Brighton MP was flabbergasted as Embery explained how his metropolitan ilk had abandoned the working classes.  "How dare you!" shrieked the comical Russell-Moyle, before he embarked on a sanctimonious response that consisted primarily of how offended he was - without countering any of Embery's observations.

Of course the likes of this woke Corbyn loyalist cannot form a coherent argument when it comes to Labour's abandonment of the working classes because they would rather not even acknowledge their existence at all.  These are, after-all, the scum who voted for Brexit and Labour do not speak for them.

Click below for the clash of the Labour gingers...

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