Wednesday 2 December 2020


Our second 'emoji poll' on Facebook again featured one of the dystopian ideas circulating in regards to the pandemic.  At the start of the outbreak such ideas would have sounded absurd, but nine months in we now know that literally anything is possible.  Unfortunately some lockdown enthusiasts have been so brutally conditioned by fear they are willing to accept any restrictions in the name of 'fighting the virus' - no matter how draconian.  The fact that we have all so meekly surrendered our liberties and livelihoods gives government the green light to do whatever they like.

"What has booze got to do with a virus?" was one of the first comments on this poll.  Indeed.  Having spent millions on making their businesses Covid-safe, pubs are one of the safest environments and yet they have inexplicably been targeted by every administration in the United Kingdom.  Pub closures will result in people gathering in private homes, where there are no controls in place - no social distancing measures, no masks, no curfews.  When cases rise again (and they will) a total prohibition is next in the arsenal of our totalitarian masters.

Our advice to drinkers: stock up on booze before January.