Wednesday 16 December 2020


The SNP's dreary Commons leader is billing the British taxpayer for a 1,200 mile round trip after making a surprise in-person appearance at the final PMQs of the year.  Ian Blackford has asked his allotted questions remotely from his home on the Isle of Skye for months, but showed up in person on Wednesday.  Could it be that he and his colleagues were hoping to take advantage of the free buffet at the Christmas party?  One assumes that there will be some form of hushed up gathering in the Commons at some point in the days to come, while the rest of us peasants are told that socialising is banned.

Blackford's other excuse for his sudden appearance concerned the urgent business of SNP members re-electing him as their leader.  This did not have to take place in person either and it's not clear if all of his 46 colleagues made the lengthy trip to pat him on the back (he was re-elected unanimously).

How ironic that his party are quick to criticise Prince William for touring the United Kingdom during a pandemic when he and his comrades are happy to do travel in the other direction at taxpayers' expense?