Tuesday 15 December 2020


There was a deafening silence in the mainstream media after Italy overtook the UK for the most Covid-reported deaths in Europe.  It happened on Saturday and the Italians have extended their unfortunate lead in the two days since.  The media silence says a lot about their narrative.  The BBC, Sky and comrades remain committed to selectively reporting that Britain is the worst of the worst when it comes to coronavirus (and a few other things too).

The Italian development also means that Keir Starmer and Labour will no longer be able to characterise the UK as having the 'highest death toll in Europe'.  Of course things can change, but this is the state of play in Europe as of Monday 14 December (with the latest reported daily death toll in brackets).

Italy 65,011 (+491)
UK 64,402 (+232)
France 58,282 (+371)
Spain 48,013 (+129)
Russia 47,391 (+450)
Poland 22,960 (+96)
Germany 22,736 (+330)
Belgium 17,951 (+49)

Put into perspective, at worse the virus accounts for the deaths of 0.15 per cent of Belgium's population and as little as 0.03 per cent of Russia's population.  In the UK Covid deaths have accounted for 0.09 per cent of the population.  Each winter the flu takes the lives of an average of 0.02 per cent of the UK population, but bear in mind this is with a flu vaccine already in place.  Again, these are facts that the mainstream media and the politicians don't want to furnish the public with.