Tuesday 1 December 2020


In one of his most cowardly acts yet Keir Starmer has told his MPs to abstain on today's vote on the government's new four month lockdown (aka the 'tiers system').  Starmer may be modelling himself on 'new leadership', but this spineless fence sitting harks back to the Corbyn days of incoherent Brexit policy.  If Sir Squeaky wants to win back the red wall he needs to display guts and leadership, beginning with opposing the Orwellian nightmare proposed by the government.  After all, it will be the working class communities of the north who will bear the brunt of this ever-deepening recession.  Instead, we see another metropolitan elitist who is totally gutless and devoid of leadership, refusing to speak up for the silent and rapidly growing majority who know that this is all wrong.

A handful of Labour MPs have indicated they will defy the party whip to vote against the government this time.  Richard Burgon (Leeds East), Andrew Gwynne (Denton & Reddish), Emma Lewell-Buck (South Shields) and John Spellar (Warley) have all indicated they will oppose the measures, while Kate Osborne (Jarrow) said she was 'leaning' in that direction.  Frontbencher Cat Smith (Lancaster & Fleetwood) had already announced she would refuse to vote in favour of the new lockdown, something which may have swayed her leader into retreating onto the fence rather than face potential resignation(s) by backing the measures.

Not one Labour MP voted against the November lockdown, so if these MPs oppose the new lockdown measures this is a clear further indication of the growing tide of public discontent.  Pressure is growing to end the nightmare, in particular given the continuing downward trend of infections and hospital admissions.