Tuesday 22 December 2020


Dystopian 'freedom passes' are back on the agenda according to a report in the Daily Mail.  Of course we knew they were never off the table, despite claims to the contrary by Boris and some of his ministers.  The cat was let out of the bag by the newly appointed vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi who said last month that the government was 'looking at the technology'.  He was referring to the creation of an apartheid system in which people who have not received the vaccine will not be able to work and move freely in society.

"We are looking at the technology.  And, of course, a way of people being able to inform their GP that they have been vaccinated.  But, also, I think you'll probably find that restaurants and bars and cinemas and other venues, sports venues, will probably also use that system - as they have done with the app.  I think that in many ways the pressure will come from both ways, from service providers who'll say 'look, demonstrate to us that you have been vaccinated'".  
Nadhim Zahawi, Vaccine Minister

This disturbing notion has no place in a democratic society and the fact that it is being proposed by a supposedly 'conservative' government begs belief.  Zahawi's colleague James Cleverly later refused to deny that the vaccine card would be used in such a way during an interview with Kay Burley earlier this month.  This was after Boris and Michael Gove had confirmed that there was no such plan.

Clearly, as if we didn't know already, the UK government cannot be trusted on this.

The contradictory messages boosted a petition on the government website, resulting in a parliamentary debate on December 14.  The response from government was thus: "There are currently no plans to place restrictions on those who refuse to have any potential Covid-19 vaccine".  The key word there is 'currently'.

Now it seems that the freedom pass will not necessarily be related to the vaccine itself.  The Mail has discovered that two contracts were awarded last month - one for a 'Covid-19 Certification/Passport MVP' and another for a 'Personal QR Code'.  According to a Department of Health source the plan is to introduce a freedom pass that will allow people who have tested negative for the virus to move and work freely.  This would take the form of a QR code on the individual's smartphone.

Asides from the disturbing libertarian issues with this, what about people who don't have a smartphone?  Many older people do not possess a smartphone or the means to book a test online.  Is this fake conservative government going to discriminate against and bar OAPs from the pub because they are not part of the globalist tech community?