Wednesday 23 December 2020


The Guardian's Owen Jones rocked up to his Zoom call with the Mail on Sunday's Peter Hitchens arrogantly expecting a scalp and ended up on the receiving end of a lockdown lesson.  Central to their debate was the question of whether lockdowns were effective and, in particular, whether or not the initial spring lockdown was primarily responsible for bringing down infections.  Lockdown enthusiast Little Owen refused to concede the argument and the pair went round in circles until a final monologue from Hitchens laid bare the dire consequences that will weigh heavily on this country for years to come.

Watch the best bits below.

Hitchens is spot on, of course.  It may not have dawned on everyone to begin with - BTLP included - but sooner or later the grievance and anger will engulf millions, including some of the most ardent lockdown enthusiasts of today.