Tuesday 22 December 2020


Hard left Labour councillor Tosh McDonald (pictured, above) says he will not stand for re-election next year, assuming elections proceed that is.  McDonald holds a seat on Doncaster Council, but says he is standing down following a purge of Corbyn loyalists.  Constituency Labour Party groups have been banned from discussing Corbyn's suspension, leading to a series of additional suspensions of activists who dared to speak up in Jezza's defence.  McDonald says 'good friends and comrades' have been among those suspended.

If he looks familiar, that's because he featured in an epic and very popular meme from 2015 (see below, not one of ours).

McDonald was the president of the ASLEF trade union back then and remains a staunch Corbyn supporter.  The biker once claimed that he set his alarm clock an hour early so he 'could hate Thatcher some more' and also compared moderate Labour MP Hilary Benn to Adolf Hitler.  More recently he appeared on video in front of a Soviet flag no less.

With people like Tosh around it's no wonder comrade Corbyn got thumped in 2019.

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