Wednesday 16 December 2020


Jeremy Corbyn's new venture has been brutally mocked in a spoof website set up in its name.  Corbyn announced the 'Project for Peace and Justice' on Sunday, something which he claims to have been planning since the spring.  A Twitter account appeared last month and has quickly amassed thousands of followers, but the domain name has been seized by a prankster who has set up a spoof site crammed full of digs at Corbyn's links to anti-Semitism (see example screenshots below).

The culprit behind the website claims to be a British Jew and says he has fired off his first donation to the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism - in doing so has done more than 'magic grandpa' ever has.  He/she says the website will be updated daily, it can be found here.

So what is Corbyn's project actually about?  It's basically a communist front designed to push the far left agenda he was forced to abandon when it was crushed at the 2019 general election.  If he fails to get reinstated as a Labour MP the 'project' could easily be rebranded the Peace and Justice Party and registered as a political party.  So far his Labour comrades have been largely silent about it, with the exception of Zarah Sultana and the ever loyal Richard Burgon who retweeted Corbyn's badly edited promotional video (watch below).

A second promo video reveals some of the hard left supporters backing Corbyn's new venture including the Marxist 'comedian' Alexei Sayle, film director Ken Loach, ex-union leader Christine Blower and the former hard left president of Ecuador (watch below).

Corbyn's project ironically mirrors the path of his self-perceived nemesis Tony Blair.  Blair began to launch various projects less than a year after he stepped down as PM and party leader.  These have all now been incorporated into multi-million pound globalist enterprise the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.  Investors include the US State Department and the Saudi regime, who pumped in £9million in 2018 via the tax haven of Guernsey (according to the Telegraph).  It's highly doubtful that Corbyn's tinpot outfit would ever garner such financial support, but it will undoubtedly add to his already impressive £3million net worth.

The next stage in his new venture is the official launch on January 17, featuring online contributions from Zarah Sultana, his Unite pal Len McCluskey and a whole host of hard left has-beens.  Kerching!