Friday 18 December 2020


"The restrictions are temporary, things will be back to normal by spring".  Does anyone still believe this?  The UK-wide Christmas 'dispensation' has fell apart, Wales and Northern Ireland are to go into full lockdown on Christmas Day itself and the Chancellor has announced that the furlough scheme is to be extended until the end of April.  That last piece of information should tell you everything you need to know about the supposed road to freedom in 2021.

Despite the vaccine being rolled out the restrictions are clearly scheduled to last long into next year and possibly longer.  Professor Gloom, Doctor Doom and their SAGE cohorts have already warned that face coverings and social distancing will probably be required for the entirety of 2021.

How is this excusable, you may ask?  Well, it all comes down to compliance.  If so many people blindly comply without asking any questions then the people giving the orders will simply feel they can dictate what they like for as long as they like.  The 'enemy' perceived on our behalf is a virus that is either slightly less or slightly more deadlier than the flu and this should set alarm bells ringing for libertarians and conservatives across our nation - and the West.  That the only people on our streets appear to be rallying behind Jeremy Corbyn's barmy Marxist brother is also of major concern.

There will be no referendum on coronavirus like there was on Brexit.  However, there is a general election scheduled for 2024, by which time our lives will have been changed forever and economic damage will be beyond repair.  By then the media will conveniently forget that the Labour Party supported these policies and the mass unemployment and economic destruction will be laid firmly at the door of the Tory government - as it should.  Result = Labour government.  Easy to dismiss now, but look how quickly things turned sour for President Trump in just eight months.

Wake from your slumber or forever be slaves to a socialist cause.