Monday 7 December 2020


Back in September when the latest football season commenced, it did so without the presence of fans in stadia.  The pandemic coincided with the rise of Black Lives Matter and the football authorities seized on a perfect opportunity to lend their support without any potential flashpoints.  Absurdly the custom of 'taking the knee' is still happening at football matches three months later, but now that fans are being allowed back in to some games they are able to voice their opinions about it either way.  At Millwall and West Ham United's home games they did just that.

However, only Millwall have been singled out for condemnation by the woke media.  A full-on cover-up appears to have been put in place about West Ham fans, with the only significant news report of it being deleted (see below).  Thankfully, one Twitter user recorded it, although the commentators appear to completely ignore it.  Could it be that Millwall - a club with a notorious set of fans - have been scapegoated by a media whose agenda is to show that discontent with the BLM project is isolated and to be found just at one club?

Of course there is anger at BLM, particularly in the nation's capital where BLM thugs ran riot in the streets and desecrated sacred monuments such as the Cenotaph.  Imagine how angry ordinary fans must have been sat at home while their players sported the name 'Black Lives Matters' on the back of their shirts and took the knee.  While the sanctimonious Piers Morgan took to his morning slot with a pathetic swipe at how 'stupid' Millwall fans are, it could be asked how such a superior intellect can fail to see that BLM was founded by Marxists with an insidious agenda of using race as a means to undermine and destroy Western civilisation.  Only a Marxist or an idiot would support such an organisation - which one are you Piers?

While the media won't generally sanction anti-BLM commentary, there were plenty of dissenting voices online.  Actor and budding politician Laurence Fox was embroiled in a lengthy Twitter spat with the odious Morgan and challenged him to allow him on Good Morning Britain.  That challenge effectively silenced Morgan as he wasn't interested in giving Fox TV airtime.  Blue Labour's Paul Embery also defended Millwall fans by pointing out they had twice voted black midfielder Jimmy Abdou their player of the season.  Tory minister George Eustice courted media controversy by saying that BLM is a "political movement that is different to what most of us believe in".  His comments sparked headlines such as: "Minister fails to condemn Millwall fans".

Brendan O'Neill wrote an excellent piece for his Spiked blog on the incident, writing: "The Millwall incident was fairly minor in the scheme of things.  But the furious, even demented response to it is incredibly revealing.  It confirms that there is a chasm-sized gap between the elites and ordinary people.  And it confirms that the woke elites will brook no dissent whatsoever to their divisive agendas of critical race theory and woke re-education.  I predict more booing.  I hope there’s more booing".  He also appeared on Sky News Australia to discuss it - he was probably not welcome at British Sky as they have done more than most to push the BLM agenda.  Click below to watch.

The more they force feed BLM down the throats of ordinary people the more people will regurgitate it and push back.  The BBC's decision to have fictional character the Vicar of Dibley give a BLM 'sermon' in her Christmas special will do nothing but thicken that wedge between the corporation and ordinary working class folk.