Thursday 3 December 2020


While there are contradictory messages coming from UK government ministers about vaccine identification documents, there is little doubt in some Labour circles.  Yesterday the Labour government in Cardiff announced that people getting the Covid vaccine will be issued with ID cards.  Meanwhile, the Tony Blair Institute reaffirmed its call for the introduction of 'health passports' that will allow vaccinated individuals to return to work and enter hospitality venues.

Let's be clear about this - you can be terrified of the virus, but if you support such Orwellian big brother control measures then you are not a conservative, either with a big c or little.  Big brother nanny state government equals socialism.

The way in which the UK government is dealing with this crisis is completely at odds with conservative and libertarian values.  Our liberal Prime Minister appears to have been captured and held to ransom by SAGE scientists who for some strange reason are desperate to destroy the UK economy and commit this country to more misery and death than coronavirus could ever inflict.

If you embrace fear and Covid-1984 then you may as well have voted for Jeremy Corbyn last December.