Tuesday 29 December 2020


While most Labour MPs remain tight-lipped about the Brexit deal, there are countless more Remainers who are less reticent about sharing their bitter feelings.  Lord AdonisAlastair Campbell and Anna Soubry were among the disgruntled mob on Twitter, having secretly hoped for the no deal scenario they said would be the most disastrous outcome.  Now they and their ilk are scratching around for every possible negative aspect of the Brexit deal that is, whether any of us like it or not, the reality of things to come.

Soubry's colleagues in the short-lived disaster that was Change UK are mostly quiet, having moved on to pastures new or retired.  Unlike Chuka, Heidi Allen and co, Soubry is clearly incapable of letting go and continues to lash out at her old party and the process of delivering the Leave mandate.

Like the daft situation in which the SNP will vote against the deal on Wednesday, Soubry simultaneously derides no deal while supporting anyone who opposes the actual deal.  So while they all insist that no deal is the worst of all scenarios, they want to block the deal on the table and therefore leave without a deal.  The mind boggles.  Still, on the bright side, at least sour-faced Anna is one of those people who is happily promoting the wearing of a face muzzle.

PS. Anna's constituency voted Leave in 2016 and three years later voted to get rid of her too.  Her bitterness is not difficult to understand.