Sunday 27 September 2020


The British hard left don't win many victories, so any whiff of potential success is pounced on.  In the last week they've been campaigning to get a truly dreadful song to the top of the charts.  The song is about former Labour MP Dennis Skinner and it's been promoted by Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and all their Marxist friends (see promo video below).

One of the contributors to the above video is a Labour councillor from Doncaster.  Tosh McDonald has a lovely Soviet flag on display in the background, once more undermining those leftists who try to draw a distinct line between communism and socialism.

As for the woeful Skinner tune, it was a bitter-sweet result.  Robb Johnson's song was Amazon's most downloaded track, but it failed to make the singles chart - not even making the top 100.  The BBC were clearly chuffed with the Amazon success and their article was widely shared on social media by left-wingers on whom the irony was clearly lost.  The capitalist scum at Amazon, really?  Would the Bastard of Bolsover be proud of that?  Probably.  This is a guy who was prepared to cling to his seat until he popped his clogs, becoming the Father of the House in the process.

Sadly for Skinner he will neither die an MP or become Father of the House.  Ironically it was his party's lurch to the hard left that put paid to that.  His colleagues have still managed to find a place for him despite the loss of his seat.  The 88-year-old was made president of Labour's Socialist Campaign Group earlier this year.

The full Skinner song and music video can be seen below, if you have a strong stomach...