Monday 28 September 2020


Labour's Kate Green has finally apologised for remarks she made during the party's virtual conference last week, in which she referred to the pandemic and urged activists not to let 'a good crisis go to waste'.  Appearing on Good Morning Britain she was confronted by host Piers Morgan and forced into an apology, something which appeared to have been sorely lacking in the eight days that have passed since her comments (not five days as Morgan suggests).

Green said she had expressed 'regret' previously 'whenever she was asked to', but she has made no such statement on her social media.  In fact instead of issuing an apology last week she instead lashed out at Priti Patel over the Home Secretary's suggestion that some members of the traveller community were involved in crime (no shit).  Green said she was "deeply distressed and angry" in a Twitter post.  Got a brass neck this one.  If Morgan hadn't mentioned Green's coronavirus remark it's highly doubtful she would have volunteered an apology.

Click below for Morgan's interrogation of the hapless Green, who remains in her post as Shadow Education Secretary.