Wednesday 23 September 2020


Alastair Campbell is still so bitter about Brexit that he will use literally anything to attack the Tories.  During yesterday's Covid debate in the Commons he took a screenshot of the Tory benches and noted that they were populated entirely by white men...

Unfortunately for Alastair, his blind hatred had led him to overlook the presence of Meriden MP Saqib Bhatti - who is of Pakistani descent.  Bhatti responded directly to Campbell's tweet, pointing himself out and adding that his party had secured two female Prime Ministers in its history, while of course Labour had yet to elect one female leader (the only party in Parliament not to have done so).

Bhatti may also have pointed out that the Tories currently have the most diverse front bench in British history, including two Asians in the Great Offices of State.  When Campbell left Downing Street in 2003, his party could boast only two black or Asian members on the entire front bench and not one of the Great Offices of State was ever occupied by a brown face during Labour's 13 years in power.

Campbell really is a desperate loser.