Tuesday 15 September 2020


Labour's student wing in Scotland has deleted a tweet in which it used the acronym ACAB (all cops are bastards).  Scottish Labour Students had retweeted a Labour activist who was referring to a 'trans pride' march in London that took place on Saturday.  The activist was Maliha Reza, who is running to be a party officer in Labour's youth wing.  She also used the same acronym in her tweet.

Scottish Labour Students were officially affiliated to Scottish Labour, but the resulting backlash over their tweet led to their removal from the party's website on Monday.  Their Twitter account is followed by Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, whom the group has supported throughout the recent attempts to remove him.

Scottish Labour Students issued an apology on Tuesday morning.

It's not clear who sent the ACAB tweet from their account, but the chair of Scottish Labour Students is Mariam Shaaban.  Like Maliha Reza, her Twitter account is now locked down, but screen captures show that she also shared the same ACAB tweet and also an additional tweet that read "fuck the police" (see below).

We've encountered Shaaban before.  She was one of the Labour activists who voiced their delight when it was revealed Boris Johnson had caught coronavirus back in March.  In a tweet she said that her prayer had been answered.  The hard left pro-Corbyn student mob really are a truly vile bunch.

Mariam Shaaban pictured with Dawn Butler