Tuesday 22 September 2020


Labour frontbencher Kate Green has been slammed for remarks she made about the pandemic during the party's virtual conference on Sunday.  The Shadow Education Secretary said Labour should exploit the pandemic: "I think we should use the opportunity, don’t let a good crisis go to waste".  Listen below.

While Green has not responded to the backlash, one of her colleagues was forced to apologise on her behalf this morning.  Lisa Nandy was doing the media rounds to discuss the pandemic and looming round of fresh restrictions.  However, her interviewers were keen to discuss Green's comments.  Nandy apologised on behalf of Green and their party, while simultaneously making various excuses for her colleague, who she told Piers Morgan she expected would apologise shortly.

At the time of writing - two days after her remarks - Green has said nothing.

Lisa Nandy apologises on Good Morning Britain

Lisa Nandy apologises on Politics Live