Friday 11 September 2020


Sadiq Khan may be riding high in the opinion polls and looks set to easily win re-election next year, but he is far from universally adored in Labour's new heartland.  Just prior to the pandemic he was heckled on a visit to Regent's Park Mosque.  Last year he was targeted by Brexiteers who told him: "We need a new Mayor of London".  On Thursday it was London cabbies who expressed their anger with him.

Cab drivers were marching yesterday as part of a protest against Khan's transport policies that are increasingly being seen as skewed against motorists.  Barely used pop-up cycle lanes in preparation for the real thing are causing traffic mayhem in an already congested city.  A number of road closures are adding to the chaos and when Khan emerged from City Hall to make the short journey to his office he was confronted by the angry cabbies who shouted: "You're not the Mayor of London, you're the destroyer of London".  Black cab drivers feel that they are being squeezed out of business by the Mayor's road policies.  Needless to say, Khan had nothing to say to them.

Watch below (very strong language).

This investigation by the Daily Mail provides an insight into the use of cycle lanes in London and shows what is driving motorists to despair.

One of the controversial pop-up cycle lanes in Tooting lays empty,
while traffic is gridlocked