Friday 21 February 2020


Sadiq Khan was at Regent's Park Mosque today to reassure worshippers following yesterday's (non-fatal) stabbing.  The visit backfired when one member of the congregation reacted furiously to his presence.  "What has he done for us" the man shouts as Khan is hustled away.

The heckler should be honoured by Khan's presence.  Over the past four years, as violent crime and murder continues to spiral, the Mayor has been repeatedly criticised for failing to show enough support for victims (let alone offering anything constructive to stem the crimewave).  The victim of yesterday's stabbing is already out of hospital and giving media interviews, unlike the hundreds of murder victims whose families and communities have rarely enjoyed the Mayor's presence.  Meanwhile, over the same period he is seemingly ever present at events aimed at minority groups (and, of course, every single anti-Brexit protest).  His constant placard holding, selfies and virtue signalling is undoubtedly one of the key reasons he was heckled today.

Khan's display of liberal values and public courting of gays, trans-things, Jews and other non-Muslims is not something that's going to sit well with the average Muslim worshipper.  The truth is that Khan has strayed very far from his roots.

Khan's virtue signalling does not appeal to all communities