Sunday 2 February 2020


While most (if not all) Labour MPs were desperately sad to see Britain leave the EU, one of them went into a full on racist hissy fit on Twitter.

Tweeting minutes after Britain's departure, the MP for Gower appeared to have been watching TV coverage from Parliament Square.  Some Twitter users called out her casual racism, but she doubled down with the following reply.

One would have expected her to later quietly delete the tweets, but at the time of writing they are still up for all to see.  It seems that racial slurs are acceptable in the Labour party, as long as they are being directed at white people (or Jews).  Ironically Antoniazzi has previously called out racism in the Brexit Party.

Antoniazzi gained Gower from the Conservatives in 2017, but saw her narrow majority dip further in the recent election.  She lost two and a half thousand votes in all, with the Brexit Party and Lib Dems the main beneficiaries.  With any luck she'll be binned in 2024.

Gower 2019 general election

Tonia Antoniazzi (Lab) 20,208 (45.4%) -4.4%
Francesca O'Brien (Con) 18,371 (41.3%) -1.4%
John Davies (Plaid) 2,288 (5.1%) +1.4%
Sam Bennett (Lib Dem) 2,236 (5.0%) +3.0%
Rob Ross (Brexit) 1,379 (3.1%) New