Thursday 13 February 2020


With nominations closing on Friday, the Labour leadership saga is about to enter its final phase - but if you thought the end was in sight, think again.  Voting in the election lasts for six weeks.  That's not to say that the result will be announced in six weeks, because it won't.  Ballot papers are not issued until a whole week has passed after the nomination process ends, so we still have almost two months left!

One can't help thinking that there is something dodgy afoot here.  The process of electing a new leader will take almost four months from start to finish.  Compare this with the mere six weeks the Conservatives took last year to elect their leader.  It's absurd.

While Keir Starmer remains odds on to win, not many eyebrows will be raised if it's Long-Bailey who takes the crown.  Going up against two moderates in the final ballot is a huge advantage as the vote will be split between Starmer and Nandy.  How big that split is and whether it will be enough for Long-Bailey to triumph is anyone's guess.  Nandy continues to impress, but it's not difficult to provide a viable alternative to the painfully dull Starmer.

Given that the word 'stitch-up' was used last weekend to describe accusations of a data protection breach against Starmer's campaign doesn't bode well.  The hard left has spent almost five years sinking its claws into this party.  It's not going to let go easily.

Latest leadership odds (Ladbrokes)

Keir Starmer 1/8
Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy 12/1
Emily Thornberry 100/1