Thursday 13 February 2020


Constituency Labour Parties up and down the country have been rushing to get their leadership nominations in ahead of Friday's deadline.  Rotherham CLP nominated on Thursday and opted for the hard left candidates, Long-Bailey and Burgon.  The local Conservative branch ridiculed the decision, pointing to the fact Labour's majority is already in terminal decline.  In fact it's currently the lowest Labour majority in the seat since 1923.

Rotherham's MP nominated Ian Murray for deputy leader, but did not endorse a candidate for the leadership.  Sarah Champion was one of 14 Labour MPs not to endorse a leadership candidate.

Rotherham general election 2019

Sarah Champion (Lab) 14,736 (41.3%) -15.1%
Gerri Hickton (Con) 11,615 (32.6%) +6.2
Paul Hague (Brexit) 6,125 (17.2%) New
Adam Carter (Lib Dem) 2,090 (5.9%) +1.2%
Dennis Bannan (Yorkshire) 1,085 (3.0%) -0.7%