Tuesday 18 February 2020


Keir Starmer remains odds-on following last night's leadership debate on Channel 4, in fact his odds have not moved since our last update five days ago.  Long-Bailey's odds have shortened, while Nandy has drifted.

Latest leadership odds (Ladbrokes)

Keir Starmer 1/8
Rebecca Long-Bailey 7/1
Lisa Nandy 16/1

If last night's debate told us anything, it's that these three are basically competing as to who leads the party to defeat at the next election.  There is not a Prime Minister among them.  Starmer is like a robot and his dull monotonous tones are enough to send an insomniac to sleep.  It's difficult to assess what he says because no-one can hold attention long enough to find out what it is.  Long-Bailey would provide the status quo except she presents these woeful policies in an even less convincing manner than Corbyn.  Even the usually reliable Nandy is starting to let slip some daft comments and says that trans male convicts should be sent to women's prisons and she would support abolishing the monarchy.  Bear in mind that most people in the UK support the monarchy and more than one in three Labour voters according to YouGov.  Own goal Lisa.