Tuesday 4 February 2020


There are now ten days to go until nominations close for Labour's leadership elections.  Since our last update the only major development is that Dawn Butler has made it onto the ballot for the deputy leader's role.  She qualified over the weekend via the CLP route.  Ian Murray is close to joining her, while Rosena Allin-Khan is some way off.

In the main leadership race Emily Thornberry is still struggling.  She is the only candidate in either contest not to have received any affiliate nominations and still requires 23 nominations to qualify via the CLP route.  At the Cardiff leadership hustings on Sunday she made a desperate plea for backers.  It has largely fallen on deaf ears, although since the last update she has now received a handful of nominations from north of Watford.  With more than 400 CLPs yet to nominate it would be unwise to write her off just yet.

To qualify candidates require either 33 nominations from Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) or 3 nominations from Labour affiliate groups, two of which must be trade unions.  Here are the latest standings.

Leadership election

Keir Starmer: 144 CLPs + 6 affiliates (qualified 20.01.20)
Lisa Nandy: 27 CLPs + 3 affiliates (qualified 22.01.20)
Rebecca Long-Bailey: 64 CLPs + 4 affiliates (qualified 29.01.20)

Emily Thornberry: 10 CLPs

Deputy leadership election

Angela Rayner: 149 CLPs + 7 affiliates (qualified 20.01.20)
Richard Burgon: 22 CLPs + 3 affiliates (qualified 29.01.20)
Dawn Butler: 37 CLPs + 1 affiliate (qualified 02.02.20)

Ian Murray: 25 CLPs + 1 non-union affiliate
Rosena Allin-Khan: 12 CLPs + 1 non-union affiliate