Tuesday 11 February 2020


Emily Thornberry looked downbeat heading back to London on Saturday.  Staring into her mobile phone, she was photographed sprawled across two train seats with her foot dangling out into the aisle.  Travelling back from the leadership hustings in Nottingham, she had good reason to be down in the dumps.  Her increasingly vociferous outbursts during debates has not brought her the endorsements she so desperately needs to proceed to the ballot.  At the time of writing she still requires twelve more nominations to get on the ballot and time is running out.  Nominations close on Friday.  All other candidates for both the leadership and deputy leadership have now made the ballot, so Nugee is in a lonely place.

To qualify candidates require either 33 nominations from Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) or 3 nominations from Labour affiliate groups, two of which must be trade unions.  Here are the latest standings.

Leadership election

Keir Starmer: 295 CLPs + 9 affiliates (qualified 20.01.20)
Lisa Nandy: 57 CLPs + 3 affiliates (qualified 22.01.20)
Rebecca Long-Bailey: 136 CLPs + 6 affiliates (qualified 29.01.20)

Emily Thornberry: 21 CLPs + 0 affiliates

Deputy leadership election

Angela Rayner: 272 CLPs + 8 affiliates (qualified 20.01.20)
Richard Burgon: 51 CLPs + 4 affiliates (qualified 29.01.20)
Dawn Butler: 67 CLPs + 2 affiliates (qualified 02.02.20)
Ian Murray: 51 CLPs + 1 affiliate (qualified 07.02.20)
Rosena Allin-Khan: 44 CLPs + 2 affiliates (qualified 08.02.20)