Friday 14 February 2020


Jeremy's got racism on the brain this week.  He spent PMQs berating the 'racist' policy of deporting foreign criminals and now this.  So some people of Chinese descent are getting the cold shoulder in elevators and maybe even some harsh words of "get away from me".  Lashing out at someone merely because they look Chinese is lame, but is it really worth a photo opportunity when there is a deadly virus on the loose?  Should people be putting the possible hurt feelings of a handful of Asian people above concerns for the health of the nation?  How about standing in solidarity with the poor souls stuck in quarantine (both Chinese and British)?

Just one more question Jez - what are you doing in Manchester anyway?  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact your anointed successor represents nearby Salford where she is currently presenting her 'four point path to power'.  The first point must surely be how on earth you're going to swing the election in her favour over the next seven weeks (yes, there are still seven weeks left).