Thursday 13 February 2020


Daft Dickie Burgon

Among the candidates for Labour's deputy leader, hard left balloon head Richard Burgon gets most of the headlines.  While the favourite Angela Rayner keeps her head down and keeps it simple, he embarks on a weekly outpouring of crazed bullshit, designed to appeal to hard left post-2015 Corbynista entryists.  Many will back him on the ballot as he represents continuity of the woefully unelectable communist mantra of Corbynism.  We are talking about the same deluded individuals who couldn't comprehend that the party's only chance of entering government was via a hung Parliament and an SNP coalition - no, they thought Labour could actually win the election outright.  Daft Dickie Burgon is the ideal candidate to represent them, in fact it's a shame he didn't go for the top job in place of Wrong-Daily.

Just look at the "amazing socialists" he is proud to name among his supporters.

"Amazing socialists"

Amazing in what respect Dickie?  At losing?  Laura Pidcock, the famed 'future leader', couldn't defend a near 9,000 majority at the last election and handed her seat to a Conservative for the first time in its 69 year history.  Amazing!  Dennis Skinner, aka the Barnacle, was desperate to leave the Commons in a coffin, but took his constituents for granted for too long and sought re-election one time too many.  His majority had been shrinking for over twenty years and, like Laura, his seat is now blue for the first time in history.  Amazing!  John McDonnell, the self-confessed Marxist nicknamed the Quartermaster over his IRA links, was thought by many to be the real power behind the rise of Corbyn.  A real nasty piece of work whose world fell apart on election night as it became clear his dream of overseeing the destruction of Great Britain was in tatters and his own election count fell into anarchy as he was repeatedly heckled before fighting broke out.  Amazing!  Then there's Diane.  What else can be said about this halfwit who was such a liability she was told to disappear from the election campaign, reappearing on polling day wearing two left shoes!  Amazing!!

We can only hope that the living dead of the left still outnumber the living on Labour's membership list and slavishly deliver the dream duo of Wrong-Daily and bungling Burgon.  Do it!