Saturday 15 February 2020


Rebecca Long-Bailey has told left-wing website Joe that anyone who "gets on" under a Tory government does so "out of sheer luck".  She made the stunningly offensive declaration during a waffling reply about what she means by 'aspirational socialism'.  The truth is that individual aspiration is diametrically opposed to socialism.  Socialism strips the individual of any desire or aspiration to better themselves.  Its pursuit of equality, regardless of contribution to society, dismantles and crushes aspiration.  Perhaps this is why Long-Bailey struggled with her reply, but she was still happy enough to share the following clip on her Twitter page.

Those who have worked hard all their lives and reaped the fruits of their labour do not take kindly when people like Corbyn, McDonnell and Long-Bailey come along with the intention of redistributing their wealth to people who have not earned it.  Socialism was decisively rejected on December the 12th by millions of voters who wanted to maintain their right to aspire to better things.  Of course there's no explaining this to socialists, they are a deluded bunch who can be found from the Labour front benches to student digs insisting that their 'policies are still popular'.  Yes guys, you keep believing that - and please use your vote to keep electing the likes of Corbyn, Long-Bailey and Burgon.  See how Labour flourishes when you keep turning left!