Tuesday 25 February 2020


Corbyn appears to give the interview in a corner shop

A video has emerged online of Jeremy Corbyn being asked about the Pakistani nature of paedophile grooming gangs in England (and now Scotland, too).  The video dates from 2017, just after the departure of Rotherham MP Sarah Champion from the front bench.  When it is put to Corbyn that the problem in Rochdale, Rotherham, Newcastle and Oxford (to name but a few) was Pakistani men the Labour leader refuses to acknowledge that ethnicity is a factor: "The problem is the crime is committed against women from any community.  Much crime is committed by white people, much crime is committed by people of other communities as well".

Corbyn's answer harks back to his reluctance to refer to Islamist terror attacks as 'terrorism'.  He is happy to use the word 'terrorism' when the perpetrators are white and likewise in his answer to the grooming gang question he specifically refers to 'white people' when the question was actually about those of Pakistani origin.  He cannot even bring himself to refer to Pakistanis in the same breath as grooming gangs and instead refers to 'people of other communities'.

Corbyn goes on to say that the problem is not the identity of the culprits, but dealing with the "safety and security and vulnerability of often young women".  Firstly, Jeremy, many of the victims are not 'young women' - they are schoolchildren and these are paedophiles we're dealing with.  Secondly, your colleagues across the country have done everything in their power to allow the gangs to operate freely and conceal their activities.  In places like Rochdale, Rotherham and Manchester local authorities under Labour control have been proven to have aided and abetted these gangs.  To sit there and speak about protecting victims from the same gangs your comrades have protected is sick.

The video ends with the interviewer asking about the departure of Sarah Champion.  The Rotherham MP was Shadow Equalities Minister, but was forced to stand down in August 2017 after she spoke out about the Pakistani nature of the gangs.  Officially she resigned, but many suspect that Corbyn gave her an ultimatum following a huge backlash from Labour MPs including Naz Shah.  Shah denounced Champion's statement, stating that "nearly 90 per cent of those convicted and on the sex offenders register are white men".  This is disingenuous as no-one is saying that most paedophiles are Muslim/Pakistani.  There is a very specific modus operandi involved with grooming gang activity and those charged in relation to it are overwhelmingly Pakistani males - to a lesser extent Somali, Afghan, Arab and other minorities, but exclusively from a Muslim background.

The 'most paedophiles are white men' ploy is designed to deflect attention from grooming gang activity, purely for the reason that the gangs are not white.  It's a common tactic deployed by Labour figures, including Sarah Champion herself.  In an interview on ITV News in 2014 she said of the Rotherham grooming scandal:  "Of the 1,400 victims of abuse, I don't how many perpetrators were of Asian descent.  What I do know is 95 per cent of child abusers across the country are single white men".  Of course they are, we live in a predominantly white country.  Champion has since changed her tune, but she remains one of very few to speak out from a party that has been complicit in this national scandal from the very beginning.

You can see the extract from Corbyn's interview below.