Wednesday 19 February 2020


News that the government is going to introduce a points-based immigration system has brought predictable howls of anguish from the open borders enthusiasts of Labour.  Leading the charge was the Shadow Home Secretary, naturally.  While Diane has precisely nothing to say about Muslim grooming gangs, out of control crime or Islamist terrorism, she can be guaranteed to throw herself into the cause of migrants.

Doing the rounds on breakfast TV this morning she told the BBC's Charlie Stayt that a requirement for migrants to speak English was "dog-whistle politics".  She refused to answer when asked if she wanted to reduce immigration.  This reluctance to publicly declare Labour's penchant for unlimited migration suggests that even she is self aware enough to realise it would not be universally popular.

Abbott also appeared on Sky News and was given a much tougher time by Kay Burley.  In this hilarious exchange she is humiliated by Burley when given the facts...

Curiously none of the leadership contenders have publicly responded to the government's plan.  Perhaps they too are aware of how tricky it is to confront a popular policy.