Saturday 15 February 2020


Phase two of one of the longest elections in history is over.  The epic saga that is the Labour leadership and deputy leadership election process is now entering the endgame - the actual end is still seven weeks away - but you catch the drift.  The ballots are now being prepared for voting - this will take a week (no joke) before voting can actually begin.  Yes, yes, it's hilarious.

Anyway, the nominations are all in for the two contests and the headline is that Lady Nugee is OUT.  She fell two short at the death and the leadership will be fought between three candidates.  The deputy leadership will be contested between five candidates.  Starmer and Rayner each received more than half of the CLP nominations up for grabs, hence they're the clear favourites.  Corbyn, McCluskey, Momentum and co won't be impressed by that, but how desperate are they to cling on?  We'll find out soon enough, well in seven weeks anyway!

These are the final standings for phase two (CLP and affiliate nominations).  All but Thornberry process to the final ballot.

Leadership election

Keir Starmer: 373 CLPs + 15 affiliates (qualified 20.01.20)
Lisa Nandy: 72 CLPs + 4 affiliates (qualified 22.01.20)
Rebecca Long-Bailey: 164 CLPs + 7 affiliates (qualified 29.01.20)

Emily Thornberry: 31 CLPs + 0 affiliates (eliminated)

Deputy leadership election

Angela Rayner: 355 CLPs + 10 affiliates (qualified 20.01.20)
Richard Burgon: 76 CLPs + 5 affiliates (qualified 29.01.20)
Dawn Butler: 82 CLPs + 3 affiliates (qualified 02.02.20)
Ian Murray: 59 CLPs + 3 affiliates (qualified 07.02.20)
Rosena Allin-Khan: 56 CLPs + 3 affiliates (qualified 08.02.20)