Monday 24 February 2020


Diane Abbott's interview with Sophy Ridge on Sunday was a revelation.  Not only did we learn that she is standing down from the front bench, we also discovered who was really to blame for Labour's worst election defeat since 1935 - Tony Blair.  Yes, that's right folks, it was nothing to do with dear old Jeremy.  The real culprit was the last Labour leader to actually win a general election, three in fact, but who left the post 13 years ago.  He's since been replaced by Brown, Miliband and Corbyn, so perhaps Diane will have forgiven us for not having spotted his culpability before now.

Denial is strong in the far left loony bin of the Labour party.  They just got smashed and yet the likes of Burgon, Lavery, McDonnell and co are still telling us how 'popular' their policies are.  If that was the case then what was to blame for their electoral humiliation?  Not Jeremy that's for sure.  They go to extreme lengths to absolve him of any blame - it was Brexit, it was media smears and it was the Blairite scum.  Hatred of Tony Blair is fervent to the point that he has become a 'Voldemort' figure in the leadership contest - no candidate dare speak his name.  Any complement towards his record of being the most electorally successful leader in Labour's history would derail their campaign.

Diane Abbott's interview with Sophy Ridge exposed the deep division and deep shit that the party is currently in.  When she speaks of her backing for continuity Corbyn she says that Long-Bailey's advantage is that she is a "great supporter of the movement", a clear suggestion that Starmer, Nandy and anyone else who doesn't follow the hard left agenda is just a Blairite scab.  When Ridge asks about her second preference vote Diane suggests that she will only vote for 'Becky'.

Labour are screwed as long as the hard left maintains such a strong influence in the party, regardless of whether Long-Bailey wins or not.  Record numbers of hard left MPs are now in Westminster and Momentum is not going to disappear overnight.  As Starmer himself has said repeatedly - divided parties do not win elections.