Monday 24 February 2020


This was the extroadinary tweet that was sent by a Labour councillor in response to Conservative MP Jane Stevenson.

Cllr Paul Sweet represents the Bushbury South & Low Hill ward on Wolverhampton City Council.  On Friday evening the Conservative MP for Wolverhampton North East tweeted about a visit she'd made to Low Hill to meet a local community group.  It wasn't until Sunday morning that Cllr Sweet sent the foul-mouthed tweet, complete with laughing emoji.

He deleted the tweet following a backlash, but referred to it in a follow up tweet:  "The perils of twitter.  Too quick on the keypad sometimes".  He has since been reported to the council's standards committee, but has not yet responded to newspaper requests for comment.

Local Tories were quick to denounce his behaviour.  Wendy Thompson, Woleverhampion Tory group leader said: "Using derogatory language like that, I think he should apologise and provide an explanation".  Neighbouring MP Stuart Anderson said:  "This is utterly disgusting and this kind of behaviour should be addressed".  Jay Singh-Sogal, Conservative candidate for West Midlands Crime Commissioner, was with Stevenson during her visit:  "Absolutely outrageous, our political discourse does not need this sort of language and an elected official should know better and set a higher standard.  Where’s the apology?"

Cllr Sweet

Jane Stevenson herself brushed off the remark, saying she hoped it was an 'accident', as she had always found Cllr Sweet"to be perfectly polite and we share a love of animals".  She overturned a 4,587 Labour majority in December and became the first Tory MP to represent Wolverhampton North East since 1992.

Wolverhampton North East 2019 general election

Jane Stevenson (Con) 17,722 (51.7%) +11.4%
Emma Reynolds (Lab) 13,642 (39.8%) -13.0%
Vishal Khatri (Brexit) 1,354 (3.9%)0 New
Richard Maxwell (Lib Dem) 960 (2.8%) +1.2%
Andrea Cantrill (Green) 603 (1.8%) +0.4%