Thursday 27 February 2020


TalkRadio's Julia Hartley-Brewer spoke to Labour's Richard Corbett on Wednesday about Britain's forthcoming trade talks with the EU.  The former MEP is still clearly very bitter about losing his job and lashed out at Brexit towards the end of the interview, much to the delight of Hartley-Brewer.  Watch below.

Corbett has been a very prominent campaigner against Brexit since 2016, but his motive wasn't purely out of self-preservation.  He has dedicated his life to a federal Europe and could be seen clinking wine glasses with EU fanatic Guy Verhoftwat in a BBC documentary last year.  An Oxford graduate Corbett was involved in the Yes campaign in the original 1975 referendum.  He later became involved in various federalist groups including the European Movement and was a vociferous opponent of the UK Independence Party.  Hilariously he lost his Brussels seat in 2009 to the hard right anti-EU British National Party, but won it back four years later.  During his four year break he remained in Brussels as an advisor to the President of the European Council.

Having completed more than 18 years of service as an MEP, Corbett collects a handsome pension from the EU.

Richard Corbett (circled) pictured alongside other Labour Remainers
(including Starmer and Thornberry) outside the Labour conference last year