Sunday 16 February 2020


Hard left balloon head Richard Burgon spoke to Sophy Ridge this morning and was asked about his suggestion that Jeremy Corbyn could make a front bench comeback after the leadership election.  If you didn't know better, listening to Burgon's glowing tributes you'd think that Corbyn was the frontrunner to win the leadership and he was jostling for favour, but Corbyn is past tense.  Not in Burgon's daft head:  "It's not the end for Jeremy Corbyn, he's got a long political career ahead of him".  Jeremy's 71 in May.  Burgon also says Corbyn "made many gains in the Labour party".  Presumably he's referring to Momentum's battle to take control of the party, he can't surely be referring to electoral gains - Putney was the only seat Labour gained on December the 12th.