Sunday 9 February 2020


Leadership hustings in Nottingham (Jim McMahon standing in for Keir Starmer)

An exchange between Emily Thornberry and Rebecca Long-Bailey was the headline-grabbing moment of yesterday's leadership hustings in Nottingham.  Thornberry has become increasingly animated in recent weeks as she looks to desperately limp on to the leadership ballot paper.  At the time of writing she is still 15 nominations short with five days to go to the deadline.  At Saturday's hustings she embarked on a communist-style rant about party loyalty while delivering a broadside at Rebecca Long-Bailey.  The rather undignified dig about Long-Bailey's work ethic was thought to be a reference to continuity Corbyn's claim about having to work through the night while guzzling on fast food.  "Miaow" came the response from Long-Bailey.  Watch below, but keep an eye on Lisa Nandy as Thornberry delivers her rant.

Keir Starmer was not at the event on Saturday, but another Labour MP (Jim McMahon) stood in for him.  Starmer had taken time out for a second time during the campaign to tend to his critically ill mother-in-law.  She passed away earlier today.  The leadership hustings scheduled to take place in Dudley today had been cancelled prior to Starmer's loss.