Saturday 8 February 2020


When Little Owen walked off Sky News in 2016 the right rejoiced.  Jones's bizarre hissy fit will follow him around until the day he dies, but yesterday its impact was diminished somewhat.  Iain Dale's cringe-making walkout on Good Morning Britain was immediately seized on by the left in exactly the same way Jones was brutally mocked in 2016.  While many have sprung to Dale's defence and it's fair to say he was harangued to the point of being silenced, the hissy fit is never a cool look.  Watch below for the full exchange and make your own mind up.

Tory MP Mark Francois made an appearance on the same programme recently in which he was persistently shouted down by odious 90s has-been Terry Christian.  However, whereas Dale walked off and granted victory to the hard left, Francois persevered with the interview and eventually it was cut short making Christian look like a dreadful bully.  If Dale had only weathered the storm yesterday things could have turned out in a very similar vein.

His walkout was win-win for the left, but it clearly went to the head of Grace Blakeley and she appeared intent on turning victory into a defeat.  Firstly the Corbynista seemed to forget her devotion to socialism by bragging about the financial rewards of media appearances, then she flat out lied about Iain Dale's behaviour off screen.  Responding to a tweet from the Brexit Party's Martin Daubney, she claimed that Dale had shouted at a producer.  After Dale called her out she deleted the tweet, thereby handing a small victory to him.

Blakeley's now deleted tweet

This morning Blakeley announced that she enjoys "making fun of old men online", providing further evidence that the Labour party is populated by spiteful hard left bullies.  If Iain Dale had persevered on Good Morning Britain he could have exposed this fact far better than by storming out.