Tuesday 1 September 2020


Piers Corbyn on Saturday prior to his latest arrest

Jeremy Corbyn's older brother has been arrested for the third time this year after spearheading yet another anti-lockdown protest.  Piers Corbyn is already facing trial in October for his role in previous protests and he has now been slapped with a £10k fine under new coronavirus legislation.  His latest arrest came at the 'Unite for Freedom' rally in London on Saturday, attended by thousands of corona-deniers, anti-vaxxers and 5G conspiracy theorists.  David Icke spoke at the same rally.

Speaking to TalkRadio's Ian Collins on Monday afternoon, Piers claimed that the order to arrest him had come 'from on high' and was politically motivated.  He suggested Sadiq Khan was behind the decision, but admitted he had no proof - much like his many bizarre claims about coronavirus.

One very good point that Piers did make was the double standards with regards to Black Lives Matter, who have repeatedly held mass demonstrations across the country throughout the pandemic without a single fine.  Indeed, as Piers Corbyn's rally was taking place there was a BLM rally nearby that appeared to be given a free rein.  Corbyn used this to be back up his earlier claim about Khan: "Sadiq Khan believes in lockdowns and also believes in Black Lives Matter".

You can see the full interview below.  Look out for Collins' wry dig about downloading 'Plandemic' in response to Corbyn's 5G conspiracy nonsense...

Corbyn broke further into the mainstream on Tuesday morning when he appeared on Good Morning Britain and clashed with another Piers.  While Morgan and his co-presenter did their best to debunk Corbyn's madcap theories, it was the introduction of Dr Hilary Jones that took the debate into fiery territory.  A clearly seething Dr Hilary began by declaring Corbyn's claims "extremely dangerous and littered with errors" before proceeding to obliterate them one by one.

Dr Hilary finished his opening gambit by telling Corbyn: "You are dangerous, you shouldn't be preaching, you're not medically qualified, I don't know where you get your rubbish fake news from and you shouldn't be on air".  He might have mentioned too that like his younger brother, Piers had never had a proper job in his life.  After qualifying as an astrophysicist Corbyn served one term as a Labour councillor before trying to make a living predicting the weather.  He appears to get most of his ideas about coronavirus from dodgy sources on the internet.

Watch below.

Many GMB viewers will have been left flabbergasted that Jeremy Corbyn has turned out to be the more rational of the two brothers!