Monday 7 September 2020


Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard spoke to Sky's Sophy Ridge on Sunday and struck a defiant note in the face of the determined campaign to dislodge him.  As Leonard quite rightly pointed out, he easily won the leadership contest of 2017 and is mandated to take the party into the 2021 Scottish Parliament election.  However, the hard left regime of Corbyn and Momentum are no longer in control and Starmer's centrists want him gone before that election.

Leonard struggled when Ridge pointed out that Labour continued to languish in third place in a part of the UK which as recently as 2015 held 41 of Scotland's 59 Westminster seats.  It now holds just one.  On current polling Scottish Labour look set to fall further behind both the SNP and the Tories in next year's election.

While there's no doubt Leonard is a non-entity and, like Starmer, is devoid of charisma - a change of leadership now will surely only lead to yet another change next May when Labour are stuffed by the SNP.  Leonard is the fifth leader of Scottish Labour in the last decade and no amount of chopping and changing has halted the party's decline north of the border.

Watch the full interview below.

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