Thursday 3 September 2020


Labour frontbencher Rosena Allin-Khan has lashed out at three MPs who posed with a Trump 2020 flag outside Parliament on Wednesday.  Sammy Wilson of the DUP tweeted a photo of himself and three others with the flag, including fellow MPs Paul Girvan and Ian Paisley Jnr.  Allin-Khan retweeted Wilson and described the photo as 'an embarrassment'.

Speaking of embarrassments, Labour MPs like Allin-Khan will undoubtedly be throwing their support behind Trump's opponent in November.  Joe Biden can barely string a sentence together and this was evident in his latest speech that included the following calamitous piece of nonsense...

It's astonishing that the Democrats have managed to find someone even worse than Killary, but thanks to coronavirus and the economic crash he may well end up winning.  As for Trump, one wonders if Rosena Allin-Khan and her establishment comrades can provide a single example to back up their claims that he is a racist.  As for 'spouting hate', there's plenty of it Stateside - but it's not coming from the White House.  It can be found on the streets of Democrat-run cities that continue to burn as mobs run riot.