Thursday 26 November 2020


Paul Embery is a member of the Labour Party, but he has just released a book in defence of the working class - in particular the attitude of the left towards the proletariat.  In fact Despised is subtitled "Why the Modern Left Loathes the Working Class".  Predictably the response of the intolerant left has been to label him a 'fascist', much to the amusement of Embery and his supporters.  Have any of them actually read his book?  Highly doubtful.

Embery is a curious, but laudable case.  He was a lifelong trade unionist until he was thrown out after appearing at a pro-Brexit rally.  As an exponent of Blue Labour he rejects globalism and uncontrolled mass immigration in favour of a civic socialism that shares many conservative values.  Unlike the hard left - that seeks to undermine and ultimately dismantle the family unit - Blue Labour endorses family values as central to its politics.  The ideology was founded by Labour peer Lord Glasman and more information about it can be found here.

Former Labour MP Kate Hoey and Conservaive journalist Tony Parsons are among those who have endorsed Embery's book.  Last week Hoey tweeted that his book is what "every Labour Party member needs for Christmas".  It's probably a must for many conservatives too (large and small c).

You can buy Despised here.