Monday 16 November 2020


One of Boris Johnson's most promising new MPs has tested positive for coronavirus and inadvertently sent the PM back into self-isolation.  Ashfield MP Lee Anderson confirmed the news via his Facebook page on Sunday night.

Last Thursday Anderson met with the PM, a meeting that has now led to Boris having to self-isolate too.  Critics have pointed out that the two men were pictured standing close together and without face coverings, albeit there is no suggestion that Boris has been re-infected or whether that is even possible.  A second positive test for the PM would be hugely demoralising, regardless of one's opinion of him.

Between his meeting with the PM and the onset of symptoms, Lee Anderson released a short video lashing out at the left's notion of 'white privilege'.  Filming himself walking along an alleyway in the working class area he was brought up, the former Labour councillor said success was founded in hard work and determination rather than skin colour.  Sadly his former colleagues appear dead set on limiting opportunities for white working class communities by imposing diversity targets that will discriminate against those very people.  No wonder Lee Anderson left the Labour Party...

Get well soon all concerned.