Tuesday 24 November 2020


A couple of people have asked about Facebook polls recently.  Unfortunately we can no longer run them on our page because the poll option was removed.  Facebook has not given a reason as to why the option has been removed or whether it will be restored in future.

The last poll we ran was in July and a lot has happened since then that we would have dearly loved to have polled our supporters on.  Having discussed 'emoji polls' as an alternative, Karl decided to run a pilot meme on Monday, albeit this comes at a time that the page is being partially censored by Facebook.  Predictably participation was poor in comparison to earlier polls and attracted just a tenth of the number of votes we would normally expect.  However, it still provided us with a valuable insight into the opinion of our supporters and in this instance the result was clear (although the debate in the comments was as fierce as ever).

If the Facebook page survives we intend to run more of these.