Saturday 14 November 2020


The mainstream media's repeated assertion that claims of electoral fraud in the US election are 'false' have begun to take on a very similar and equally absurd narrative from that which presented the violent Black Lives Matter insurrection as 'mostly peaceful protests'.  You wouldn't hear a BBC reporter dictate the outcome of a court case prior to its conclusion, but somehow there is a unanimous decree across broadcast media that any claim of electoral fraud is false.  They cannot deliver that message as an undeniable fact because they simply cannot know it to be a fact.  That's not reporting news, that's dictating a predetermined agenda.

We know from our own electoral history here in Britain that postal voting is highly susceptible to fraud, particularly in predominantly Asian areas.  This is not in any doubt and has been proven many times in court, with one judge describing the entire system as a 'banana republic'.  The phrase 'even dead Asians vote' is not uncommon in places like Birmingham and Bradford.

It also appears that dead Americans have somehow managed to vote in the recent presidential election, despite what the mainstream media dictate.  The scale of the alleged fraud may or may not have swung the election, but the likelihood of its presence is hard to deny.  Hundreds of thousands of postal ballots for one candidate - every single ballot?  That is verging on impossible.  Why have the media not asked questions about this?

Amid this swamp of subterfuge there is one commentator that Americans can rely on to tell it straight - Tucker Carlson.  For an honest appraisal of what is happening, watch below...

For those who think this is not relevant to us here in the UK, think again.  When we reject the BBC/Sky/ITV/C4 broadcast monopoly where do we go?  Social media is just as corrupt, perhaps even worse.  There is absolutely every possibility that what happened going into the US presidential election will happen going into the 2024 UK general election.  President Trump wanted to put America first and reject globalism and was hammered from every direction for four years.  Boris Johnson was elected on a promise of 'Get Brexit Done' and has been hammered from every direction ever since.