Monday 9 November 2020


TalkRadio's Julia Hartley-Brewer has clashed with Labour peer Lord Falconer over the rampant hypocrisy displayed by his colleagues in view of the US election controversy.  Emily Thornberry and Dave Lammy were among the Labour frontbenchers who had lashed out at Donald Trump and his refusal to accept a democratic mandate, despite the fact they themselves had refused to accept the Leave mandate.  Falconer, who is currently trying to frustrate the progress of the Internal Market Bill through the House of Lords, bizarrely claimed that the two issues were 'absolutely different' and that there was no question of hypocrisy.  Hartley-Brewer was understandably miffed at Falconer's response, in particular his insinuation that the EU referendum was somehow tainted while the US election was not.

Click below to see their exchange.

Lord Falconer is a close friend of Tony Blair and backed Remain in 2016.  Days after Blair took office in 1997 Falconer was handed a life peerage.  He has never been elected into office, so perhaps that explains his confusion about what constitutes democracy.  He is currently the Shadow Attorney General, having been appointed by Keir Starmer following the Labour leadership election.