Thursday 26 November 2020


Boris Johnson's decision to continue self-isolating despite having already had the virus and testing negative last week is mind-boggling.  He again took part in PMQs on Wednesday by video link, but the Covid-positive MP who led him to self-isolate in the first place is already back in the Commons!

Ashfield MP Lee Anderson tested positive on November 15 after displaying symptoms two days earlier.  He quite rightly resumed work on November 23 after a ten day quarantine period.  Boris appears intent on doing a full 14 day quarantine and is due to emerge tomorrow.  Again, he's got no symptoms and has tested negative.  Nuts.

While Lee was self-isolating he gave an interview to Times Radio's Tom Newton-Dunn and none other than his predecessor in Ashfield - Labour's Gloria De Piero.  The added twist to this is that Lee Anderson used to work for De Piero when he was himself a Labour member and councillor.  He defected to the Tories in March 2018 and discusses the defection during this interview, pointing out his disappointment that Labour activists appeared to be more interested in waving a Palestinian flag than a Union flag.  De Piero barely speaks during the entire interview.

Click below for the full interview.

Since returning to Westminster, Lee has released a few videos via his Facebook page and expressed hope for small businesses in his constituency post-lockdown.  Unfortunately for Lee and his constituents the whole of Nottinghamshire will be dumped in the harshest tier after December 2.  In a Facebook post Lee said he was 'thoroughly disappointed' and reaffirmed his opposition to perpetual lockdowns: "I have been clear, I will not support or vote for another lockdown and will be pushing to get our area along with other Notts MPs back to normal as soon as possible".

Sadly his boss appears to have earmarked most of England for economic annihilation by way of tiered and national lockdowns that will last until at least the end of March.  The only democratic hope is that the Tory rebellion grows enough to stop this shameful act of self-harm.  It's time that Conservative MPs realised what party they are in.